So We Want Our Children to Read?

50 Strategies to Make it Happen

So, from my research, I have compiled 50 powerful ways to help your children learn to read in this new book, "So We Want Our Children to Read?" by Me, Mrs. Goldhagen. This fast-reading, easy-to-understand book will give you the understanding of how children learn to read. With this understanding, you can jump-start your child's reading abilities in the comfort of your own home!

Table of Contents

Part I - A Unique Reading Kit

1. A reading kit for everyone
2. The benefits of this reading kit

Part II - How a Child Learns to Read

1. Keep a positive attitude
2. Reading down to a science
3. Age appropriate
4. Time and place
5. How much time
6. How fast can my child "grow" in reading?
7. The road to successful reading
8. How the brain perceives words
9. A child can read before he can speak

Part III - Understanding the English Language

1. Phonics/sight words - understanding the difference
2. List of 100 common words to be taught by sight

Part IV - Strategies and How They Work

1. What is a strategy?
2. List of 50 strategies: The key to playfulness
3. All 50 strategies, step-by-step

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"After Love and Affection, Reading is the Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child"
-Mrs. Goldhagen
Copyright 2010