A Snail in a Pail

Easy Reader for Children

A young child needs easy reading in a story form. Large words are one important element. A Snail in a Pail reenforce the phonics sounds learned in the Play & Read kit (phonics).

Once upon a time
there was a snail in a pail
How did this happen?
A sailor was sailing on the sea
when he saw a poor baby snail
making a trail on a rail on a sail
on the sea

At first, this easy reader was written in conjunction with the Play & Read program. But as the story developed it took a life of its own. Aside from the added phonics component, the story has value in itself. It teaches values and captures a child’s imagination as he/she follows the adventure and plight of the “poor” baby snail. Children will immediately see the sailor’s mean and misguided plan. In contrast, the boy is a model of sensitivity, nurturing, kindness and concern. Children will identify with the boy. The snail’s persistence is an added value. He does not become intimidated by obstacles and will overcome whatever comes his way, including the big nail. His goal is to join Papa Snail, Mama Snail and his brothers and sisters; he wants to be with his family. Once the reading of this story begins, there’s no way to put it down. Children want to know what happens. Luckily there’s a happy ending!

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