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Mrs. Goldhagen

Mrs. Goldhagen

Mrs. Goldhagen is a professional educator, with a Master's degree from DePaul University in Chicago. She has taught at the elementary and junior high levels for 12 years, and at the college level for 7 years. She dedicated the next four years to the writing of educational curriculum guides which were published by the Chicago Board of Education.

"There was a woman who married and became the mother of two girls. When her first child, Maria, showed signs of wanting to read at a very early age, she searched for a reading system suitable for a child so young. Unfortunately there was none. To fill the void, she began to develop her own program.

One important element, she discovered, was that the system had to be playful and fun. She incorporated this strategy of playfulness throughout the entire system. Her daugther, Maria, progressed so rapidly that she was reading at a 5th grade level before the age of four. History repeated itself with her second daughter, Roseanne, who was taught with the same system. Both girls developed a passion for reading which continues to this day. There was more room for numerous activities such as music, sports etc. Both girls qualified for and took Northwestern University Midwest Talent Search SAT and ACT tests starting in 6th grade."

You got it! The woman in this story is Mrs. Goldhagen and the system she developed has now become her "Play & Read System."

"...results were so encouraging that Mrs. Goldhagen started using the same system with her students. As a stay at home mom she was able to offer classes and tutoring to children of all ages, from pre-schoolers to high school level. Mrs. Goldhagen accepts all students, from the "gifted" to those with learning disabilities. These classes started in the early 80's and continue to this day with astonishing results. Hundreds of students have experienced incredible growth in reading. Typically children are a year ahead of the system, after only several months of using her program. Many bright and eager children reach astounding level of 5th grade even before they are out of kindergarten. Two of these children are seen in the video provided in the Play & Read kit."

Inspired by her remarkable success, Mrs. Goldhagen sees a vision and a compelling mission to fulfill: to make this system of reading available to all children. Parents can experience the same joy in teaching children to read and, in the process, develop a warm adult-child relationship.

"After Love and Affection, Reading is the Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child"
-Mrs. Goldhagen
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